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        1. Welcome Dongguan SaiPu Electromechanical Equipment?Co., Ltd. Website

          ABOUT Us

          Dongguan SaiPu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized company integrating R &amp; D, manufacturing, sales and service of hot melt glue spraying and coating machinery. Since its inception, the company has been determined to manufacture products with superior performance, complete functions and better quality to meet the needs of the market. Now we have a team of technicians and managers who are developing, developing and producing, and are developing in the direction of "high, new and fine".

          Rich experience in work

          10 years of technical experience and R & D capability

          • ● Have a sound and perfect production system
          • ● 10 years' counting experience and the accumulation of R & D capacity
          • ● A professional team with strong technical and engineering management.

          High end processing equipment

          Guarantee the international quality, the best price

          • ● Importing advanced technology from all over the world to ensure international quality
          • ● We have achieved excellent results and are well received by many customers.
          • ● Simple structure, high accuracy, easy to use and maintenance.

          Perfect after-sales service system

          The network covers all parts of the country
          so that you have nothing to worry about.

          • ● Free technical support to solve all problems.
          • ● The professional team provides training, maintenance service
          • ● Regular visits to regular customers, listening to customer
            feedback, timely follow-up maintenance
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